Making the Linkages: HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Rights

The current global generation of young people is the first in history to have lived their entire lives in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, and is disproportionately affected. Millions of children and youth have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS; thousands of others are HIV positive themselves; and many others are affected by it in a variety of ways. None of us are immune to it.

In response to the pandemic, governments and international organizations have adopted a variety of responses, but the numbers show that what has been done thus far clearly is not adequate. The reality is that none of these responses, initiatives or programs will be truly successful and effective until they integrate a sexual and reproductive rights and a gender perspective. Furthermore, every initiative must include youth from the beginning to ensure that young people have the youth-friendly information, education, services and products that we are entitled to as our human right, in order to make informed and healthy decisions about our sexual and reproductive lives.

This guide is intended to:

  • Provide an overview of the linkages between sexual and reproductive rights and HIV/AIDS;
  • Explain the importance of HIV/AIDS initiatives having a sexual and reproductive rights perspective, as well as a youth perspective; and
  • Discuss ways that young people can advocate for their sexual and reproductive rights within HIV/AIDS frameworks, in their countries, regions, and globally.

With this publication, the Youth Coalition hopes to contribute to the international efforts made by many organizations, including the youth-led, governmental, and international agencies in the fight to decrease the spread of the HIV, as well as the improvement of the quality of life of people already living with HIV and AIDS.

Download Making the Linkages here:
Making the Linkages: HIV/AIDS and SRR