Suzy Nyimbili

YC Member 2012-2013

From Zambia

Suzy has been working in the youth development sector since 2006 when he was stationed in rural Zambia as a community and school based volunteer delivering sexual reproductive health lessons in communities and schools. Through University, he worked as a student assistant at the University of Zambia HIV Response Programme and represented the University at different forums within and outside the country and led programme design in HIV Response in the University. He also worked as Assistant to the project manager as well as peer educator on an internationally operated student HIV and AIDS peer education project called ZAMANAWE which operated at the University of Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and the University of Western Cape aimed at sharing best practices in dealing with HIV and AIDS. During this time Suzy led planning and execution of programs to the University populace which included hosting HIV and leadership seminars, orientation programs for first year students as well as training peer educators among others. From March 2009 to March 2010, I was also President of the Stop HIV and AIDS Reach Every Student (SHARES) Programme at the University of Zambia. The Programme runs in high learning institutions with the University of Zambia as the secretariat sponsored by UNICEF. From August 2011 to January 2012, I led the Youth-Led Research model under Restless Development Zambia putting together a report on the state of young people in Zambia with reference to their civic participation, livelihoods, employment, and sexual and reproductive rights, setting up a joint policy advocacy group made up of local youth led organisations. The five month project was funded by UNFPA New York and Suzy took up the role of Technical Assistant. He further worked with Restless Development on a UNICEF teenage pregnancy desk review that involved working with organisations working on teenage pregnancy as well as the Ministry of Education and Health in identifying different resources that are there as well as means of dealing with teenage pregnancy. Suzy has led advocacy work in rural areas of Zambia training people in advocacy and lobbying.