Jose Maria “Lloyd” Nunag

25 Years Old  ·  From The Philippines living in the UK

Key Areas of Interest

Access to comprehensive information and services on sexual and reproductive healthcare & rights, Social entrepreneurship, Sustainable development, Youth empowerment and community participation, HIV and AIDS, Sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), Public safety related to climate change and the environment

Relevant Experience

Jose Maria Nunag (most commonly known by his nick-name “Lloyd”) is a Registered Nurse, an aspiring social entrepreneur and a volunteer at an NGO in the Philippines which advocates for HIV & AIDS awareness and LGBT anti-discrimination. He is also a trained HIV and AIDS educator, peer facilitator and counsellor under the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine.

As a youth activist, Lloyd is associated with the National Youth Commission and was able to represent the Philippines abroad as a Youth Ambassador in different conferences and youth leadership programs. He has also served as a Messenger of Humanity/Global Advocate of the United Nations and founded his own initiative called Peace Campaign Movement.

Lloyd’s everyday goal is to demonstrate hard work, dedication, and perseverance; he has a genuine desire to make a difference. He considers himself blessed to be fulfilling his role as a change-make on a daily basis.

Additional Information

Lloyd is strong of character, sincere in purpose, selfless in service, and steadfast in the fight! He strives, everyday, to be less sorry. He laughs a lot, and he’s here to spread his love for this world and all the people in it! You’d better remember his name, because one day you will see it in lights!