Hazal Atay

29 Years Old  ·  From Turkey

Key Areas of Interest

Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Safe and free Abortion/Medical Abortion, Advocacy, Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution, Public Health Policy

Relevant Experience

As a passionate and committed feminist, Hazal has been working in the field of sexual and reproductive rights for the last four years. She was involved with several grassroots feminist collectives in her hometown of Mersin as well as in Istanbul. Hazal has participated and coordinated various reconciliation and conflict resolution projects advocating for the active inclusion of women in dialogue and peace processes. In 2012, she began working with Women on Web (WOW), a Dutch NGO providing information, help and abortion services to women living in countries where sexual and reproductive health services are restricted.

Additional Information

Hazal completed her bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Galatasary University, Istanbul. Currently, she is finalizing her master’s thesis on women’s political participation in Turkey at Paris EHESS. Hazal loves traveling, listening to music and drinking Turkish coffee!