Member Feature: David Imbago Jácome

Name: David Imbago Jácome

Country: Ecuador

Pronouns: He/Him

Tell us a bit about yourself! 
My name is David, I am a 24 years old recently graduated medical doctor from Ecuador, and a dedicated sexual and reproductive rights activist.

What fuels your passion for youth SRHR advocacy?
I started working on public health issues like non communicable diseases and healthy life styles around six years ago as a medical student, however after a couple of years I realized there were other topics that required more work because there is a lot of opposition for the society, my main area of knowledge and advocacy has been around reproductive rights and access to safe abortion. My passion for youth SRHR advocacy comes from the understanding of the comprehensive definition of health and the importance of rights to achieve this definition.

What are the main issues in your community concerning youth SRHR?
Ecuador and Latin America have very restrictive laws about access to abortion services. Even though civil rights in Ecuador for the LGBTQ+ community have improved over the last decade, there is still inequality in marriage and adoption, besides that the community is still seen as second class citizens.

What work have you been doing, locally, nationally, regionally and internationally around youth SRHR?
I was president of the National Association of Medical Students in Ecuador (AEMPPI) and through the work of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) with Ipas we hosted the first Latin American Cooperation for Maternal Health and Access to Safe Abortion during my term as president. Besides that I have facilitated many trainings on this topic for medical students in different countries of the region. With YCSRR I have advocated for abortion rights and CSE attending CSW this year. I was also part of the Global VIllage and Youth Programme Working Group of the International AIDS Conference 2018. This month I got the opportunity to join the group of volunteers to organize the Pride March in Quito-Ecuador.