Member Blog: From My Passion to My Reality

This blog post was written by Youth Coalition member Lova Randrianasolo, a young Malagasy activist passionate about girls’ empowerment and human rights. Lova co-founded a youth led organization where she works as a program manager.

For four years now I have taken every opportunity to build my capacity to become a youth program specialist with an emphasis on women’s rights. My work is specialised on the empowerment of girls and young women, especially in regards to economic empowerment as a way to ensure sexual and reproductive rights.

I have experience in capacity building, project management and youth mobilization, and am currently working as the Program Manager of a leadership program for young women that I implemented with “Youth First Madagascar”, a youth-led organization that I co-founded in Madagascar in 2011. As the Program Manager, my principal role is to train young women advocates and implement awareness campaigns on women’s rights in Madagascar. I also help increase the capacity of those young women to develop and implement projects and programs that respond to youth needs in their communities.

Recently, I have been working with my organization towards the implementation of a “National Girl Parliament” -a platform that helps girls advocate on issues relevant to youth and girls in Madagascar by teaching them skills and building their capacity to speak up and advocate at national and international level.

In 2016, we implemented a youth club based in high schools in our community. There, I mentored young people and trained them on different themes such as: life skills, sexual and reproductive health, advocacy, and leadership. We helped them organise events and activities like sports and speech contests to further develop these skills.

All of these experiences have helped me develop my passion for youth empowerment. I truly believe that change can happen if we invest in youth capacity-building and give young people the opportunity to take action. By joining the Youth Coalition I am convinced that I can build on these skills and help advocate for girls and women’s rights to contribute to a world where sexuality is not a taboo and where everybody can live free from fear and judgment.