Factsheet on Youth and Universal Access 2010

In partnership with GYCA, UNFPA and the World AIDS Campaign, the Youth Coalition has developed a resource on universal access and youth:

Towards the Finish Line: Youth and Universal Access 2010

Universal access is the global commitment to make HIV prevention, testing, treatment, care and support services available to all those in need. This commitment is based on measurable, time-bound and realistic targets specific to each country, and was initially adopted in 2001. Seven years later, we are well behind on these targets. The Towards the Finish Line factsheet is a helpful tool in finding out more about universal access, what commitments have been made, and what remains to be done.

We have two years left to work with govern­ments, development partners, teach­ers, parents, health care providers and young people to bridge these gaps and make available and accessible the information and services to help us protect ourselves.

Learn more about universal access, and find out what you can do to help.

Download the factsheet here