Principles and Values

Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights, and therefore apply equally to young people.

All human rights are universal and must not be limited on the grounds of conflict with religion, culture or tradition.

Sexuality, sexual expression, and gender identity and expression are integral parts of the personal identity of all human beings, including young people.

Youth participation is essential to ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights’ programmes and policies address the realities, concerns and priorities of all young people.

Young people have valuable contributions to make to society and must have recognized and respected voices in all policy and decision-making processes.

Young people’s access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights information and education is vital for safeguarding and promoting the life, health, and well-being of all young people.

Young people’s access to comprehensive, affordable and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services, including emergency contraception, is vital for safeguarding and promoting the life, health, and well-being of all young people.

All pregnant people, irrespective of age, sexual orientation and gender identity, have the right to access legal, safe, accessible and affordable abortions.

Access to reproductive and sexual healthcare (including abortion), access to free sexual reassignment surgery, hormone therapies, rights based mental health care and general health care in non-judgmental trans-friendly contexts provided by professionals who are trained to respond to the health needs of trans people are fundamental human rights for trans and gender diverse people.

The sexual and reproductive lives of young people must be free of coercion or the threat of violence.

Programmes and interventions that safeguard and advance young people’s sexual and reproductive rights must be fully funded and supported with adequate resources.