Young People Choose: The International Safe Abortion Day Watchdog

September 28 is the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, an international movement that aims to promote universal access to safe, legal abortion as a health and human rights issue. To mark this occasion, the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights is proud to launch our International Safe Abortion Day Watchdog!

Around the world, people are prevented from speaking out about and accessing this vital healthcare service. Restrictive policies as well as the compounding factors of stigma, discrimination and controversy over abortion further lead to the erasure and silencing of marginalised groups in the abortion rights discourse. It is for these reasons that we must make space for diverse voices and stories as they speak out for abortion rights.

This Watchdog is authored, edited and designed entirely by young people and features essays, art and poetry from around the world. We hope you will enjoy and learn from this edition of our Watchdog and we especially hope you will feel moved to action on this International Safe Abortion Day!

Read the International Safe Abortion Day Watchdog (PDF)

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